Player Resources

The path to college baseball is different for every player. What works for one player, might be different for another. Below are resources you as a player and parent can take advantage of to make the path easier.

Next College Student Athlete

NCSA is a service to help athletes get recruited. Along with creating a recruiting profile, you can find information on NCAA eligibility, recruiting guidlines, scholarships, and more. Visit for more information.

Recruiting Questionnaire

An easy way to get on a college's radar is to fill out that schools prospect questionnaire. This will let the college know you are interested, open the lines of communication, and let them inform you of prospect camps. Visit any athletic programs website and you should find a recruit questionnaire section.

NCAA Clearinghouse

If you plan to attend a NCAA school, you will need to be deemed eligible by the NCAA clearinghouse. Visit
to set up an account and become eligible for the NCAA.

Contact Coaches

Once you have found a school that you have interest in, contact the head coach. The biggest misconception is that it is the coaches that always find the athletes. In reality, a majority of players were the ones to reach out first. Here is a google spreadsheet with area college contact information: "College Coaches Contact Information". Start contacting coaches!